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Since 1990  we design and implement turnkey exhibitions for our customers at home and abroad.

Since 1990  we provide full service in the field of advertising and marketing.


from design to implementation.

  • Creative design

  • Project documentation

  • comprehensive provision of participation in exhibitions

  • Atypical and standardized stands

Corporate identity

from logos, through slogans to targeted advertising.

  • comprehensive visual strategy

  • copywriting

  • campaigns

  • promotional materials

  • DTP work


from concept to implementation.

  • Organizing company days, social events, conferences, launching new products, etc.

  • Catering

The media

from analysis to purchase.

  • draft media strategy

  • target group analysis

  • media purchase - online / print

  • reporting

  • PR

Packaging design

from product to product.

Packaging for various products  

  • food,

  • cosmetic,

  • engineering and the like.

Online Design

from the web, through applications to animations.

  • web design

  • animated advertising

  • mobile applications

  • UX / UI design

  • social networks

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